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Kraaft is hiring!


🏭 Kraaft

Hellooow ! Thomas, Marc, Cédric, Inès & Thibault speaking from Station F.

We launched in Jan-19. We are building the vocal Slack for operational teams. “Vocal” because when you’re repairing a windmill up in the air or wearing gloves during operations, there’s no way you want to write down anything to communicate or do reports. “Slack” because they’ve stormed the way desk teams communicate. Seems pretentious? Well we need some ambition because there is a huge untapped opportunity to bring the best communication tool to all the workers who are not sitting behind a desk all day (80% of global workforce actually). And as you’ll see, we love those people and we spend a lot of time in the trenches with them.

We were funded early last year, backed by OPEO, the leader of industrial digital transformation in France, and are pleased to say that we’ve found our product-market fit! We have 230+ teams testing or using permanently our app, including Bouygues E&S, Suez, Enedis, Colas, Dalkia, Vinci & Eiffage. Check out our profiles on LinkedIn: we’re confident about our skills as a team to deliver our promise -- but more important: come talk to us!

Job Description

III Stack

We’ve built our stack around React Native and Node.js, and we’re proud to say we are implementing very challenging mobile technologies such as real-time push-to-talk within a non-native stack. We love the buoyant Javascript / React / RN community and are looking for like minded people !

  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • Firestore
  • Currently AWS Amplify + Cognito, unifying into Firestore

🌟 Mission

Managed by our highly pedagogue Cédric, you will be 100% part of our dev team, composed of Cédric + Marc + Thibault. Lots of great things to do, ranging from front to back! Improvement of the sound-stream feature integration, refont of userbase management, Kraaft web from start to finish, performance tracking, rationalization and exposure of our APIs, all projects that will be the quest of the upcoming months!

Key components of the mission:

  • Frontend / backend coding bricks
  • Scrums
  • Architecture choices workshops
  • Learn from highly experienced coders
  • CI/CD buildup
  • Product workshops
  • And all that you can learn from an early-stage startup, just by keeping eyes and ears opened (design, biz, marketing, sales, etc.)

💸 Perks

  • Wage depending on experience - we pay well don’t worry
  • Alan health insurance, Lunchr lunch vouchers, micro-naps encouraged, weekly cooked lunch for the team & more ✌️

Preferred Experience

👩‍💻 Requirements

  • Eagerness to leeeeaaaarn!
  • Experience in React Native or React with strong interest for React Native
  • English proficiency
  • Knowledge in Android/iOS is a +

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship
  • Start Date: 17 March 2013
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Salary: between 1400€ and 2000€ / month